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Legal Statements

Discussion week2 March 2007- Have GHSPRC attorney write appropriate statements for internet publication.


(All legal statements, medical disclaimers, (site) terms of use, and privacy policies to be provided by GHSPRC (attorney) prior to public domain publication. Additionally, any photos should have Model Release/Content Release from stock agencies, private person, etc.) In any case, Vertical Bark, LLC is not responsible and held blameless for any content or lack of content, provided or intentionally/unintentionally not provided.


(Dr) feels current regulations cover the needs for Privacy Statement and Terms of Use (to be understood due to State and Federal regulations)

  • Privacy Policy

  • Terms of Use

Privacy Policy (sample not to be used)

The office of Gig Harbor Spine and Posture Rehabilitation Center regards your privacy as a priority. We adhere to (State and Federal) Policies governing the medical industries regarding all Patient Records, etc. By using the internet for communications, you recognize that there is no guarantees of privacy. We will do our part in keep a vigil on your record privacy by following the mandatory guidelines within office but can not insure your information (personal or general) expectations of privacy regarding transmission, dispersal, dissemination through electronic/internet facilities. (ie but not limited to internet websites and the use of email).


Terms of Use (approved by Dr for on-line email form on Contact Us)

An answer to an email question does not constitute diagnosis of conditions nor imply a treatment plan.


Disclaimer regarding links to other sites owner/operated by other persons/companies.


email the doctor with questions again 03/27/2007



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